To Get Back Home by Wendy Chapin Ford
About the Cover Art

Susan Murray Stokes, a Copley Master Portraitist, born in England and now living in Newbury, Massachusetts, is a dear friend who has asked me to sit for her.  This illustration was made the year before my illness.  Susan made the sketch in about one hour's time.  I love sitting for Susan and having the time to visit with her.  On that day, I was literally watching over Lindsay, then a toddler, as she played on the floor of Susan's studio.  I think the image is one of true motherhood and somewhat evocative, perhaps the calm hinting of the storm to come.
     In the early days at Spaulding Rehab, when I came to understand what had happened to me, one of the first things I remembered was finally having had the sketch framed and hanging it on the wall in Lindsay's nursery only weeks before I became ill.  I was so grateful to Susan, because I knew that my young daughter had an image to remind her of her mother every day, during my long time away from her and Westy that year.

Wendy Chapin Ford
June 2009