To Get Back Home by Wendy Chapin Ford

What an inspiration. Wendy came to my life when it was needed. Her life experience and wisdom have helped put in perspective what life is all about when facing difficult situations.
Susan D. 
I won't go into how we settled which one would get to read it first, but I will confide that Susan remarked that she'd never seen me sit still for so long.  We were most impressed by your tenacity of spirit and devotion to family...I marvel that, at a time when your own personal needs were so acute and it would have been ever so much easier to slide into self-pity, you remained sensitive to others and genuinely appreciative of them...I also relished that your sense of humor did not disappear, and had no trouble hearing the intonation of your voice... 
I was also glad to get to know Bruce better, and thought your metaphor for him as a "shooting star" in your life was well nigh perfect.
Judd and Susan J. 
A beautiful and interesting book...As we read, we learned of your wonderful family and friends and of your strength and spirit...
You are a talented author and we find ourselves smiling and crying as we turn the pages...
Kyra B.

An amazing story.  It is impossible for me to imagine what a horrendous experience it must have been, but your courage, determination, strength and faith truly brought you back from death's door.  I am in awe of your recovery...
It was wonderful to know that you had such a strong support system around you -- medical personnel, friends, family and B.G., whose love and advocacy played an essential role in your recovery....a wonderful story!
Bill E.

Never have I read a book that has absorbed me more -- not only are you an amazing person with a positive attitude, but your book was beautifully done and riveting...Our emotions just flowed.
Sandy S.

I am astounded at the time it took for a diagnosis, your courageous determination at rehabilitation, and the breadth of love and support you received from family and friends throughout your remarkable recovery...
You are to be commended for recounting so vividly the inspirational journey of your illness and for the example you have set for others.
Jacquie S.

Amazing! What a remarkable story! Such fascinating reading, and so well written.  I was genuinely saddened, and elated at different points...You really did experience a miraculous recovery!
Mary Joan S.

I am privileged to have read your very poignant account of the events surrounding your mysterious illness.  Your zeal and mental and physical strength "to get back home" and return to normalcy were extraordinary.  And Bruce's clearheaded and scientific methodology in trying to aid and discover came through very clearly...Quite a balancing act of determination, love, compassion and sheer will...
Well done!
Paul F.

We have been moved by your book and our desire to pass it on to those we love. You help us to remember what is important in life! You also remind us of the importance of friends.  The energy inherent in these connections must never be undervalued.
Carolyn D., for the Alliance

Fabulous! Started and did not stop until the end -- the next day, picked it up and read the whole book again. Just could not stop. What a read! The third day I again picked it up and found my favorite parts.  The whole thing is so wonderful it is hard not to read it again & again. A miracle that one could live through all that terrible trauma and then write such a wonderful account of the whole thing! I can only say "Wowmom."
Sally and Tom T

I LOVED the book, from page 1 through Epilogue Two. My husband and I go "way back" with Bruce and Wendy, I loved the fact that Wendy depicted Bruce exactly as he was, and I felt the book was a real tribute to him. He had the most incredible sense of humor, of anyone I've ever met in my life. Wendy was a true fighter, and to me, the book was a true love story.
Betsy W. 

A fascinating story, and a testament to the miracles that perseverance, determination and love can effect when it seems there is no hope.
An inspiration for those in the medical field as well as for those outside it.
An excellent read.

Judy and I read your book and were greatly moved. Once started, neither of us
would lay it up before we finished, were up quite late on succeeding nights.
From a medical or human interest perspective, it would make a terrific  movie.
Mark J. 

This book...a tribute to the medical establishment, not designed to be "self-help" or inspirational, though in the end it can't help but be both...Reading such a precious book is, in its own way, a "natural high."
Marc C., M.D. 

I was introduced to Wendy after her recovery and so knew her story.  When her book was published, I ran around to get, had to read it.  Then came Hurricane No. 3, and I was only able to start the book late in the day.  By 1am, I could hardly keep my eyes open, but I couldn't put the book down.   I kept saying to myself, "Oh, my God...Oh, my God...Wow."
About a hundred times.
     This book will reach people on so many levels.  First, it's an action-packed page-turner; second, if writing were an Olympic sport, Wendy would have won the Gold; third, medically interesting; fourth, spiritually enlightening; and fifth, shows that people really can be wonderful, (...and how much I would love to be one of those wonderful people, for someone, one day).
     After Wendy went through this nightmare -- and what followed -- I kept asking myself, "Why?  What is the motivation for living when such things can happen?" 
     As I finished the book, I had my answer.  For me, my belief in the "meaning of life" has been reaffirmed.
     Get this book.
Connie H.  

This book should be a learning tool for every doctor or nurse in the country.  Can't put it down for long.
Rob C.

The book is riveting!!  Although we knew about the incident, we never comprehended the trauma and suffering that you and Bruce went through.  Bravo on a very well told story!
Michael U.

An awesome book -- what a life altering experience.  As health-care workers, we often get caught up in the daily business of the task at hand, losing sight of how a few extra minutes of care and compassion could truly make a difference.  Recognizing the patient's emotional needs as well as the physical plays a large part in achieving a positive outcome.
It will be making the rounds of the staff of the Respiratory and Neurology depts  at Anna Jacques Hospital.
This should be mandatory reading for all in health care.

An individual is a being made up of interdependent parts, the physical, mental, emotional, and the spiritual. Wendy's experience exemplifies the importance of confronting illness with a holistic perspective of care that addresses each of these parts. Her professional caregivers, family members, friends and spiritual advisors all stepped up to offer their multitude of talents to support her in her healing journey. Her perseverance in her journey To Get Back Home is admirable.
     This inspiring story of how a multidisciplinary team approach in medicine was able to unravel a complex set of symptoms is a must read for those practicing the healing arts.
Alice T., R.N.

A truly incredible brings the reader to a point in time and impresses with the "miracle" that transpired. To Get Back Home stands right alongside John Gunther's seminal exploration of the human spirit, Death Be Not Proud. The medical info meshed with the multiple voices a great touch...a focused, concentrated story that resonates with all the aspects of pain, frustration, passion and endurance. Bravo!
Richard S.

I finished your book over the weekend and just had to write. I had no idea. The ultimate nightmare and yet you never gave up and it seems that despite the enormous difficulties you have become an even stronger person than you were...
     Besides all the adversities and challenges you faced and your immense courage, which has left a lasting impression on me, I was also struck by the part with the medical intuitive, Marisa.  I found it fascinating for it is something I believe to be very true. That our souls come into this world for spiritual growth and to learn love and the vehicle is our body. She was correct in saying that "You had a tremendous spiritual awakening and took a quantum leap of spiritual evolution."
     You have been through so much...and I believe, because of these experiences, you have grown spiritually many lifetimes in this one.  Not only that, but you are probably one of the few people who feels a direct connection to Source which most of us can only tap into from time to time if we are lucky.
Alice B.

What a book! I'm overwhelmed by it. Ms. Ford's tenacity, love, strength, spirituality ....I've never read anything like it. Despite all of the terrible things that happen to her (and this is a true story), Ms. Ford is someone whose cup runneth over....a 'must read' for anyone looking for sustenance in facing life's adversities.
Margaret B.

Almost finished with the book and think it is great -- everyone anywhere would enjoy it.  I don't know how you went through all you did and still had such inspirational and motivational book.
Margaret S.

Bought Wendy's book -- left it on the kitchen table, and Tony, (a doctor), read it without my knowing.  Said he couldn't put it down -- that it was great.  The particular disease she had always fascinated him when he was a medical student. I just started it and want to get back to it as soon as I can.
Dodie W. 

A miracle, yes, but more a story of strength...
Ellen W.

This is a Resurrection:  Death oh Death, where is your victory?  Life triumphant!
Mary Agnes Z.

The book arrived this afternoon and is now completely read.  It brought back a flood of memories, some sweet, some bitter, but all vivid.  I can picture your room at BI, can still see the forced smiles on Bruce's and Billie's faces, the nameless doctors and nurses, coming and going.  It all came back.  The fear, the discomfort, the losses, the gains -- all came back. I'll never know how you kept such a positive outlook throughout the ordeal, or how Bruce had the courage he did. But you both had such faith, perhaps it will provide those of us with lesser faith the value of having more.  Of course it brought a tear on more than one occasion.
Tim H.

I received the Amazon box at 5, started reading at 5:30 and finished it at 8:30.  What a testimony of determination, will and love.  Wendy must be extraordinary and her husband like a rock...and how incredible to have them as friends.
Patsy T.

I was so impressed by Wendy's strength.  Her story is heart wrenching. I like the medical info interspersed with multiple personal narratives.  Another good read. 
Olwen M.

I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of Wendy's book. Hard to believe that this is a true story; the determination and strength Wendy showed to return to her family, despite her incredible physical and mental limitations, was phenomenal. An uplifting and encouraging book, no matter how you look at it; Wendy's view and role and the medical team that brought her back. A book to pass to your best friends.
Vicki D.

It is not without some regret that I return your wonderful manuscript. There are some elements of your story that I would love to have emblazoned in my mind forever. Such inspirational stories are rare and yours is particularly moving.
Lynne C.

I couldn't put this beautifully written manuscript down once I began reading...There are so many heroes in your story. You present MD's, nurses and other medical personnel so "humanly."  The importance of family and friends, especially Bruce, Lindsay, Westy, Mom and "coma-sitters," in your recovery is something every physician-in-training NEEDS to learn. And, your integration of technical medical information with personal emotion made your words flow and would seem to appeal to a wide variety of readers...
Barbara O.

I read the entire manuscript in one sitting, cried 5 times, and think it's a real winner.  And a "True Story" besides.  It has great visual literally played out physically in my mind's eye as I read...This is exceptional writing.
Margaret B.

I apologize for taking so long to return this marvelous writing. To me, it provided much needed inspiration for caring for Margaret...
Grant H.

A captivating read.  Reading it is actually therapeutic for me as we run so many parallels and I find it helpful to know of your experience.
Leslie F.

An incredible waking journey! A moving testimony of courage, love, and transformation...through your writing I felt the emotion, determination, and courage that accompanied the disease.
Angela B.

A harrowing, page-turning story. Wendy's family's courage was amazing and her recovery was miraculous...
Sarah D.

This personal account of your battle with ADEM is both captivating and heartrending.
Maureen E.

A moving account of a brush with death.  It strikes a chord -- how could it not?  Ms. Ford has a powerful experience to relate...
Alison C.

A well-written and compelling account of an extraordinary ordeal...
Deanna U.

Am incredible story...
Debbie H.

This is the type of story people like...
Kim C.

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